Testimonials for Effective Thai

Select testimonials from our students.

Patricia Hodgson, United Kingdom, 2015 – present

Effective Thai courses, together with the Effective Thai Team at the EFL Learning Centre are very professional, yet amiability and geniality are in abundance.

I continually study the Thai language at Effective Thai with Kru View, who is extremely astute, ebullient and insightful. Initially I attended a class of three students, which was very interesting and one could perceive untold commitment and motivation from one another. At present, I have one-to-one lessons with Kru View and enjoy concentrating on the areas of the Thai language I find most interesting; writing and reading Thai. The characters of the Thai alphabet I find are so aesthetically pleasing. Modelling and drilling are key factors in learning a new language and this method is executed logically, methodically and systematically, with enormous enjoyment. The Effective Thai premises and classrooms are of the utmost energetic and modernity.

Effective Thai at EFL Learning Centre is superlative and unrivaled in Thailand. To enroll on an Effective Thai course would be immensely beneficial and positively recommended.

Elena Kelly, USA, 2016 – present

I am the lucky one. When I moved to Thailand in 2014 I went for a walk around my new neighborhood, and low and behold, I came to a Thai language school. So I went in and talked to the receptionist. She was so helpful to answer all my questions, and her enthusiasm was contagious! I told her I wanted to have my classes with their best teacher, and without hesitation she said, “I think that teacher has an opening for a truly motivated student. That was three years ago and I am still studying with that same teacher, and I have learned to read, write, and speak Thai. If you are serious about learning Thai, EFL is the best school, with the best staff, and they know how to throw a great party too! Trust me; you will love EFL Learning Centre!

Alain Jourdain

John Feheley, United Kingdom, 2016 – present

I have been studying Thai with the school for four months now. Effective Thai’s prompt and comprehensive response to enquiries, impressive and informative website and glowing testimonials, convinced me that this school could meet my needs with no other obvious comparison in Chiang Mai. Four months on and I have not been disappointed. A calming environment, professional motivated teachers, excellent materials work to produce a learning learning experience that is second to none. The support team at effective Thai are equally impressive, patiently fielding all manner of questions and providing crucial Visa support that allows you to focus on your study. All in all I cannot speak highly enough of the Effective Thai team who, through their friendly, welcoming and helpful natures, create a family atmosphere and who I am happy to now call my friends. Finally I cannot thank my teacher Kru Belle enough for her professionalism, good humour and patience in taking my language learning so far in such a short space of time. I cannot praise this school enough, you will not be disappointed.

Tobias Brandner, Switzerland, 2016 – present

I greatly appreciate the personalized teaching and the enthusiasm of the teachers. The teachers are greatly encouraging me as I study this difficult language.

Sarah, Jerome and Aiza – Student Testimonials

Thai Language Student Testimonial

Sarah, 2014

I have been studying at EFL for 8 months and plan on continuing for as long as I can. The staff has been helpful with everything I have inquired about. Whether visa questions or help with arranging the best schedule, they have responded to every comment I have ever left them. Moving to a new country is disorienting. The EFL staff has helped make that transition smoother through their smiles, patience and welcoming nature. Everyone there works hard, and you can feel their support in making your learning a positive experience.

The Effective Thai 1-on-1 course has been perfect for me. It allows me to explore and study any topic I want with my teachers. Consequently, I’ve increased in my Thai listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities. I am forever indebted to my two Thai teachers, Kru Belle and Kru Ice, for getting my reading ability to the next level. Among other things, they helped me understand the Thai tonal rules necessary for reading. For 10 years I tried to understand that on my own and couldn’t. But through our Effective Thaiclasses, they have helped unlock the mystery of Thai to me. Their patience and persistence has helped me get through days when my brain feels like it’s going to explode. These are some of the reasons why I look forward to going to class.

Another thing I like about our classes is that the time learning in the classroom is USEFUL. It always translates directly to real-life situations. I’m constantly learning vocabulary and sayings in class that I then hear and use in real-life context with locals. What a good use of my time! I am happy with my decision to invest time and money at Effective Thai (EFL Learning Centre). They, in turn, invest their time and energy in me and are helping me become more interactive in Thai society. For this I am forever grateful.

Jerome, France, 2014

About the course, my teacher Cartoon and the staff, everything is perfect. The staff is really friendly, and I’m very happy to learn Effective Thai at EFL Learning Centre in Chiang Mai.

Aiza Gingco, Philippines, 2014

I think the course material is good, and our teacher, Kru Belle, is outstanding. In addition to her extensive subject matter expertise (in-depth knowledge of Thai and English grammar and usage) she also has the kind of energy, patience, good humor and bright personality that constantly inspire her students. These qualities make Kru Belle not just a good teacher but a really excellent teacher.

Also, I’m very impressed by the cheerfulness, friendliness and professional demeanor of school management and staff. I especially want to express my appreciation to Khun Gilf for her kind, untiring, professional assistance with visas, extensions and reporting. She is indeed a valuable asset for the school. All in all, I must say that my experience here has been most pleasant, satisfying and rewarding.

Ellery, Kevin, and Dan – Student Testimonials

Thai Language Student Testimonial

Ellery Schulte, USA, 2013

The difference between learning Thai utilizing a self study method and face to face instruction is like night and day. While self study may help to increase vocabulary I think that personalized instruction is essential for learning the tonal nuances of Thai language. All too often, the tone Thai I thought I heard (in my head) wasn’t the tone Thai was coming out of my mouth. All in all, I am glad I enrolled a Thai language course at EFL as my conversational skills can now progress beyond weather and food.

Kevin Gunn, Australia, 2013

I have been studying Thai Language with Study Thai Chiang Mai (SEE TEFL) and currently I am about thirty hours into the 120 hour course. I have found the school to be flexible in delivering their product and eager to meet their clients’ needs. The quality of the teaching has been excellent and the facilities are well suited to the purpose. I have no hesitation in recommending Effective Thai/Study Thai Chiang Mai to others.

Daniel Kennedy, Australia, 2013

I’ve been studying Thai one on one at Study Thai Chiang Mai for almost a year now. After the first course had finished, I immediately signed up for a second! Lesson plans have been flexible and customized for me personally, and the teachers and other staff are all happy and enthusiastic people. Strongly recommended.

Bart, Graham, Wendy and Cliff – Student Testimonials

Thai Language Student Testimonial

Bart Nijhof, Holland, 2011

I have been following private Thai lessons with Ying for over a year now and I am really enjoying it. Kru Ying’s lessons are always a lot of fun but at the same time she is very methodical and structured in her approach.

I believe my Thai (written and spoken language) has improved a great deal since starting this Thai course. I have learned to read and write Thai and can now follow and join a relatively complicated Thai conversation on pretty much any topic. Due to the fact that I am having private lessons, Ying has concentrated specifically on my deficiencies (such as listening to and understanding what is being said by Thai people) and areas of interest (improving my vocabulary and grammar on certain topics). I have learned the formal way of writing and speaking but she has also taught me a lot in terms of every-day, colloquial speech. She has also been very determined to improve my pronunciation and tones of the Thai words.

At Effective Thai we use any possible form of media to help me improve, be it audio or video clips to listen to interviews, or books on any topic. Ying is very friendly and helpful and so are the staff. There is a great atmosphere and everyone is very open and welcoming. Being a student at Effective Thai, they have helped me a great deal when I applied for my visa. They are experts on the rules and regulations regarding the application process and will prepare all the necessary paperwork required to obtain a visa. A staff member even accompanied me to the immigration office on all occasions when I went there to apply or extend my visa, ensuring the whole business was hassle-free. They have also reminded me when I needed to go to immigration again, whether to apply for a re-entry permit before going on a trip or when I had to report in after 90 days.

I also appreciated the flexibility when setting the times of the lessons, accommodating me so that lessons were at times of the day when I wasn’t busy. When necessary, moving or postponing lessons to another date was never a problem. All in all, I can highly recommend learning Thai in a private lesson at Study Thai Chiang Mai.

Graeme Young, Australia, 2013

The answers to any questions I have about the Thai language have been explained to me in a manner which I find easy to understand. When teaching Thai language, my teacher tries to use everyday situations that are common and familiar to me. My Thai teacher is open to explore various and different methods of teaching me as she endeavours to achieve the best effective teaching method.

Wendy Fletcher-Mature & Cliff Fletcher, Australia, 2013

Studying Thai here, everything has been arranged so that I can learn exactly what I want to learn. The classes are arranged to suit the individual students’ need which I have found to be very beneficial.

Studying/Learning Thai @ Effective Thai (Study Thai Chiang Mai), Teacher Pop is very good at English and Thai. She is very patient. I have been to other classes and enjoy the teaching methods here. The handout couldn’t be better or more professional. I enjoy and look forward to studying Thai here. Overall = Very Good!

Raj, Rand, Warren – Student Testimonials

Thai Language Student Testimonial

Raj Avera, 2014

Overall, I have found my language learning experience at EFL to be very good. The school’s facility is clean and comfortable and the rooms are always ready for class when I arrive. The staff at EFL are very helpful and they are always friendly and welcoming. I have appreciated their help in obtaining my student visa, making the process very simple and easy.

My teacher, Kru Belle, is very knowledgeable and teaches with passion. She is very helpful and makes learning at EFL fun. She is always on time and comes to class with her lessons planned with clear objectives for our class. She has helped create a warm and open learning environment where students can ask any questions and never feel dumb. She is always dressed well and presents herself very professionally. I have studied language in China and Central Asia, learning two other Asian languages, and spent over 3 years in classrooms in these countries and I can say that Kru Belle has been the best teacher I’ve had.

I have already recommended EFL to other expat students who are interested in learning Thai and will continue to recommend the school to others.

Rand, America, 2014

I feel very fortunate that we decided to attend the one-year intensive Thai course at EFL. Having spent over than 50 years studying, teaching and working in various languages (Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc) I can say that this school is surely the best in Chiang Mai. The course materials are quite suitable to our purpose and the teachers and staff are amazingly patient, cheerful and kind. But most of all, I feel so happy to have Kru Belle as our teacher — with her outstanding teaching skills and energetic, amiable personality. Her ability to stay on topic and still accommodate our needs is phenomenal. Also, she always has patience with all our questions and somehow she is always able to provide a helpful answer. She is is a huge asset for this school. I hope you never let Kru Belle go. She is a treasure.

Warren, Australia, 2014

I have found the first year Thai language course to be an extremely rewarding learning experience at EFL. The staff are excellent, the course design is practical, and most importantly our teacher (Kru Belle) has been a delight to work with. I have formed lasting friendships through this course thanks to the learning environment offered at EFL and the excellent skills and attitude of Kru Belle.