The Thai Red Cross Society has issued a LINE sticker set, Chat & Charity, using cartoon characters drawn by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. The stickers are offered for downloading from 04 December 2014. There is no expiration date on the stickers, but they will only be in the store until 03 March 2015. The stickers are 30 THB in Thailand or 0.99 USD (from the US app markets).

Thai Red Cross LINE Sticker Description

Special stickers crafted with love and care by H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn are ready for your chats now! All proceeds will be donated to support the Thai Red Cross Society’s charitable services.

Chat & Charity sticker set is available at the Line store via the web and through the apps. Note that the iOS App does not allow giving sticker sets as gifts to other accounts, only Android and the web Line Store.

Thai Red Cross Stickers (Set of 16)

Princess Sirindhorn LINE Sticker Set

English Meaning for the Princess Sirindhorn LINE Stickers

Each of the 16 stickers has a image and Thai text:

1. นึกออกแล้ว! Wise Owl

Nuk owk laew

This is an idiom which indicates that one remembers or understands something (it is referring to the present).

English Translation is Oh, I got it, and indicates a moment of realization.

2. หิวจัง Hippopotamus with Tongue out

Hew jang

จัง Jang comes from จังเลย meaning really a lot

English Translation is I’m very hungry or I’m really hungry

3. ขอบคุณนะ Elephant with Lotus Flower

Kohb Khun Na

English Translation is Thanks or Thank You

4. ยินดีด้วย Child with Two Flowers

Yin Dee Duay

Literally happy together or I’m happy for you.

English Translation is Congratulations or Good to hear (that news) or That’s great.

5. เย้ Elephant Jumping for Joy


English Translation is Yay.

6. จัดเต็ม Small Dog with Large Bone

Jad Dtaem

Idiom used for something done fully/completely or to the max (old American idiom). There is no exact English language idiom. Instead in English there would be context-specific language, such as party until I fall down or travel until I’ve seen everything, etc.

English Translation (no exact idiom in English).

7. รออีกนิด Turtle / Tortoise

Raw Ig Nid

นิด is from นิดหน่อย a little. Lit: Wait a little more.

English Translation is Wait a little longer.

8. ห่วงใยนะ Three Spiders Spinning

Huwang Yai Na

Used as an idiom to tell someone you worry about, care about, or are thinking about someone. Have concern or care about someone.

ห่วง is softened by ใย, as ห่วง is worry but ห่วงใย is more care or concern. In English worry is a stronger negative term, and people might use think about to imply worry, whereas in Thai there is a think about in terms of concern and not outright worry. There is also the Thai term คิดถึง kid teung. Which means both think about, and miss someone.

English Translation is Take care.

9. จิก จิก จิก Chicken and Chick

Jik Jik Jik

จิก means peck as in chickens. It is also used as an idiom to describe negative comments from someone, that they are pecking at you, that is making small but painful pecks. Can refer to negative gossip.

In the case of this image, it only refers to chicken because it is said three times. Referring to gossip or criticism, it would be used one time จิก Jik.

Unclear how the direct meaning of this sticker is in terms of how it would be used, other than literally talking about chicken.

English Translation (no exact idiom in English)

10. กล้วย กล้วย Monkey Eating Banana

Gluay Gluay

In thai, words are repeated to give emphasis. In this case, the image of the monkey eating a banana emphasizes the meaning of easy, easy. Note that there is a more common word for easy ง่าย Ngai.

English Translation is That’s easy or easy peasy (old English nursery rhyme).

11. เอาไงดี Dog Waiting

Ow Ngai Dee

Lit. Want How Good, but idiomatically this means so what’s next or what comes next used when there are choices to make, e.g., which way to go at a crossroads, or where to go/ what to do next.

English Translation is Ok, what’s next? or Ok, where to next?

12. หนูงง Mouse Sniffing the Air

Nhoo Ngohng

Literally the mouse is confused, but หนู is the pronoun used for children and how children refer to themselves. It is also a popular Thai nickname.

English Translation is (pronoun) don’t/doesn’t get it, (pronoun) don’t/doesn’t understand; e.g., I don’t get it; They don’t understand.

13. ขอโทษนะ Water Buffalo with Flowers

Kor Tod Na

Lit. Ask for punishment. In English ขอโทษ is excuse me or I’m sorry. The function is to ask for forgiveness, to admit one is in the wrong.

English Translation is I’m sorry.

14. หัวฟูเลย Person with Fluffed Up Hair

Huwa Foo Luey

เลย Luey comes from จังเลย meaning really a lot. The English idiom equivalent is totally.

Literally this phrase can refer to one’s hair being all fluffed up and windblown, as in the picture.

This idiom though, means one is busy, with a lot on one’s mind, and a lot to do.

English Translation is Got a lot going on.

15. ฝันดี Child Sleeping in Bed

Fun Dee

This phrase means good dreams or dream good and is functionally used to wish someone a good night’s sleep. In English the idiom is sweet dreams.

English Translation is Sweet dreams.

16. บ๊าย บาย Boy Waving Goodbye

This is the Thai phonetic transcription of the English phrase bye-bye. The use of the tone mark ๊ ไม้ตรี mai dtree makes the tone of the first syllable rising (while the tone of the second syllable is mid-tone).

English Translation is Bye-bye.

LINE in Thailand

Thailand is the second largest market for the LINE messaging app, with 24 million users as of March, 2014 (50 million users in Japan). It is a free app but with a store for buying premium stickers and also phone calls out to land lines. Messaging between LINE users is free, including voice and video calls and text chatting. Facebook messenger is the other top popular messaging app in Thailand.

Line App compatibility

The LINE App is available in app stores and from Line, and supports the following platforms: